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Revisiting Kevin Ward Jr. Fatal Hit Case, Unfolding The Truth; The HIT: An Investigative Documentary Is A Cinematic Brilliance.

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Written by ~ Melissa Salinas

Thrill kills, but to satisfy the innate human nature’s craving for adventure and to experience an adrenaline rush, sports and other activities with imminent danger are carried out under strict checks and high security. Still, when an incident occurs, the likelihood of it being fatal is almost absolute. The hit case of NASCAR legend Tony Stewart is, to this date, one of the most heartbreaking sports tragedies of all time. THE HIT : An Investigative Documentary has revisited the case to interrogate the loopholes in the investigations, exploring new angles and missing out information during an investigation. The trailer is available on YouTube.

Rivals on the field and buddies off are the new era in sports which has witnessed empathy, incredible sportsmanship, and respect for each other. However, they are still sports with sensationalized rivalries brewing conjectures which also happened to be in the case of the two big names of auto racing. Sharing much in common, while some differed strikingly, perfervid Kevin Ward Jr. and Tony Stewart shared love for the same sport.

The untimely demise of Ward, who had to his name 250 wins and 6 championships in go-carts and had been awarded  the 360-sprint  car rookie of the year, left a void in auto racing. The HIT has come up with answers to some of the ignored questions  that the  audience and fans have been waiting for clarity on. The documentary is streaming now on Watch THE Hit: An Investigative Documentary | Prime Video.

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An eye-opening documentary by the investigative journalist and award-winning documentary filmmaker Chris Halsne, the documentary looks back to the dark day in auto racing history; through the assistance of renowned forensic engineers and among the best investigative journalists, incontrovertible pieces of evidence have been traced, proving that Tony Stewart accelerated fishtailing towards unarmed, a defenseless man caught off guard, Kevin Ward Jr. Using the ultra-modern technology, a 3-D animated recreation has been done of the incident to bring viewers every visual of what actually happened.

Videos, and eyewitness testimony of eyewitnesses have also been added to the documentary, and the original clips are also incorporated along with the algorithmically generated recreation. The use of videogrammtery technology, which was not available at the time of the tragedy, builds a strong case for the incident to be ruled out for the accident. Was there more to the story than told to people? Few suspected otherwise, including the father of the victim, Kevin Ward Sr.

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"We have done thorough investigation, it is unbiased, honest and we have left the rest for the audience to decide. We have gone above and beyond in our effort to bring out the truth. One billion data points have been analyzed by the world’s leading forensic engineers. We have revisited the day of August 9, 2014 on a rural New York dirt track to delineate the details of the incident which tell a damning, stunningly visual story. Watch and decide what you think about it.” — Chris Halsne

Distributed by Porter + Craig Film & Media Distribution. The documentary is raw, real, and overwhelming, not for the faint of hearts or people prone to a rush of emotions. Watch it and discover if things would have been different if the videogrammetry technology had been available at that time.

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