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Johnny Movie Review

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Written By Jennifer Ariesta

Johnny "Some scars will never heal" is a 2021 film directed by John Charles Gerald and based on a true story. The film has a run-time of 107 minutes, and the genre of the film is drama and psychological thriller. Floyd, the leading actor, is a surviving child abuse victim who hears voices in his head. Floyd came across a talking puppet; this is after numerous hallucinations which are linked to his childhood abuse. The film is a meandering one that has many charms underneath since Johnny is meditative but still approachable and is the film's primary focus.

The film presents a reflection of post-trauma, which is child abuse. The way things are presented in the film is somehow relatable. There are parts in the film which are more enjoyable than the others, but that's how films are; they have a beginning, climax, and an ending. Many visual elements can be drawn from the film despite it having a good narrative. The film would not bring enjoyment to everyone except those with unique film tastes and enjoy storytelling since they will have a lot to absorb.


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It is a good movie with creepy and dark psychological aspects. It uses many f-words, which are said in almost every sentence. When one is watching, it does not feel like they are watching a scary horror film. The film has good cinematography and sound techniques, and the actors acted well. The film has different messages, which include numerical codes, and when one watches every time, they discover something new. The film has an impactful message about the consequences of child abuse in an adult. This film is hard for those who have undergone any child abuse since watching the film will bring back childhood memories, and the film ending brings one to acknowledge the pain and open a new chapter in life. The film is not for everyone, but those who enjoy its narrative here will enjoy the film. I would highly recommend this film to people who enjoy cult-ready films.

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