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Michael Emery Offers Humor and Heart to Nonprofit Autism Drama, Randy's Canvas

Michael Emery has led a storied career throughout the last decade, taking on various roles in movies and television. With his role in Randy's Canvas,

Death Goes Viral in The Lotus, a Post Apocalyptic Thrill Ride from the Mind of Jorge Nunez

The Lotus brings the dangers of biochemical technology center stage, as a man made virus ravages the world, 

Sean Gilchrist Joins the Journey to Unite Hollywood and China's Movie Markets

The landscape of filmmaking is in a state of constant change, and it has never been more clear than it is now. The tide is turning at a rapid pace.

The Creative Journey of "Life in Color"

Directed by Bishal Dutta, and co-written by Dutta and Matt McClelland, “Life In Color” stars Bart McCarthy as a closeted gay man suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Comedy Sensation Tiffany Haddish and Brian Hooks Star in the Thought-Provoking New Film About When Life Doesn't Go as Planned, "All Between Us"

Vision Films, Lakeside Pictures, and Samera Entertainment are proud to present 'All Between Us',

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The Enduring Legacy of Basil Hoffman

The storied career of veteran performer Basil Hoffman is the stuff of modern legend.

Adam Carbone shines as the title character in the inspiring autism drama, RANDY'S  CANVAS

Acting is not always a walk in the park. While the average person might view an actor as a jester that specializes in make believe, the reality is far more intricate.

The Versatile Vision of Harley Wallen

Harley Wallen is an actor, writer, and director with an enduring passion for bringing stories to the screen

Maria Capp brings insight and personal experience to REACH,

REACH examines multiple sides of bullying. From the backhanded remarks kids make to each other at school to the physical violence at home that infects both the bullies and the bullied.

Fruits of the imagination come to frightening life in UNWRITTEN

An isolated bookstore in the desert serves as the battleground between creator and creation. However, all may not be what it appears in the supernatural thriller UNWRITTEN,

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Jillian Clare breaks out in the insightful family dramedy PRETTY BROKEN .

Grief is a complicated beast, and when faced with tremendous loss amid a life changing transition, an unemployed college dropout has her world turned upside down in the new film PRETTY BROKEN, a story about starting over when you are at your lowest.

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LIGHT OF MINE, Brett Eichenberger's drama about the onset of blindness, on Amazon Prime Video

A rare condition known as Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy lies at the center of the meditative road trip drama LIGHT OF MINE, directed by Brett Eichenberger and written by Jill Remensnyder.

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LONG GONE WILD carries on Blackfish's legacy to heartbreaking effect, while offering hope for the future of captive orcas.

LONG GONE WILD (from writer-producer-director William Neal) examines how captive orcas (killer whales) have been harmed by prolonged handling and confinement behind the bars of an industry that relies on these animals as cheap labor.

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A MURDER OF INNOCENCE  from  Director  Shawn  Justice  proves  that fear is the ultimate enemy

Emotions run hot after a chilling double murder shakes the faith of a local church community in the character-driven drama A MURDER OF INNOCENCE.

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No One Knowles Films Like Jarrod

When Jarrod Knowles made the decision to invest in educating and empowering indie filmmakers and artists over five years ago, with the launch of, he could never have envisaged the impact he would have on so many.

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Andrew Bernard: An Acting Renaissance Man

An actor’s process is a mysterious thing. There is no end to the approaches one can take when getting into the mindset of a character. For Andrew Bernard, his is an approach backed by a history of rigorous training and expert level education.

Ross Clarkson’s CAPTURED Offers Entrancing Tension at Every Turn of the Screw

Two women have disappeared and are presumed dead. The police have a suspect, a photographer who knew the women. Based on his intimidating demeanor and dismissive attitude, he fits the profile of any person of interest involved in a missing persons case.

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The Dream Team Directors Use Innovation to Change the World

As technology continues to grow and transform throughout the 21st century, media grows and transforms along with it. In the capable hands of married filmmaking duo, Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir.

Cinema Trends gives you a quick behind the scenes look at this thrilling neo noir from Gravitas Ventures.

James and Anthony Gaudioso are identical twins with near identical dreams.

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GLASS JAW Brings Redemption Ringside

GLASS JAW stars Lee Kholafai as Travis Austin, a rough and tumble kid who goes from being a ward of the state to becoming a championship boxer. He wins the big title and gets the girl, but that's only the beginning.

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IRIS: The Haunting New Film About a Woman’s Deadly Struggle For Survival

Iris is not your average woman. While she may appear like any other single lady one might find in the Brooklyn New York area, Iris harbors a secret.

The Colorful Vision of Christopher Fernandez

Christopher Fernandez’s style is one of complex simplicity. Taking into account his influences and educational background, it is clear that he is destined to be one of the central purveyors of contemporary social realism in the Philippines.

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Dylan Ashton's Culdesac, streaming on Amazon Prime

Just last year, writer and director Dylan Ashton graduated from U.C. Berkeley. Now, his latest short film, CULDESAC, is on Amazon Prime Video.

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Cinema Trends goes behind the scenes of this insightful dramedy from husband & wife directing team, Brett Eichenberger and Jill Remensnyder.


The Bond is an innovative dystopian movie set in Phoenix, Arizona. No doubt inspired by our pandemic-ravaged world, writer-director Jaron Ikner re-imagined a world torn apart by a deadly plague of Auroravirus.


If you like supernatural horror movies in the vein of The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, and The Craft peppered with a good dose of body horror, then Prosper is worth your time.


Johnny "Some scars will never heal" is a 2021 film directed by John Charles Gerald and based on a true story. The film has a run-time of 107 minutes, and the genre of the film is drama and psychological thriller.

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The cabin is where the majority of RESET, a film with just two people and one location, takes place. This setting made the scary parts of the movie seem more real and saved money on making it. In the movie, a first-year college student, Danielle, is taken by Edgar, a troubled person. Edgar has a lot of trouble when the women turns him down, and his lack of social skills has made him dangerous. Danielle is lucky to have a magical item that lets her "reset" and try different ways to get out of Edgar's well-guarded resort.

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Party Bus: A Film By Carlos Berber

Party Bus, the upcoming thriller horror film directed by Carlos Berber, revolves around selfishness and accountability. It tells the story of a bachelor party hijacked by the protagonist's estranged brother. To make the Bachelor party memorable, friends went above and beyond. Friends board the PARTY BUS without realizing that AUSTIN (The Bachelor) is riding with his ex-girlfriend and some shady people from his past.

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The Blacklight - The Movie That Keeps You On Your Toes

An experienced thief joins forces with two disillusioned millennials in order to pull off a heist that will alter their lives in indelible ways. The journey that they took is the subject of an exciting film called "The Blacklight." In spite of the fact that they were successful in stealing an ancient artifact, it becomes apparent quite quickly that the artifact possesses peculiar abilities that could lead to its own destruction. This information has surfaced in spite of the fact that they were successful in their attempt to steal the artifact.

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Derrick Hammond's Latest Movie: Caroltyn

His latest horror movie, CAROLTYN, is based on an original story by a writer, Jerrica Carr, which he directed himself. It was important to give this story a visual element because you don't come across a black demonic entity very often, let alone a black female lead playing one, he emphasized. In addition, the crew, as magical individuals, bring a different perspective to the characters.

Revisiting Kevin Ward Jr. Fatal Hit Case, Unfolding The Truth;
Investigative Documentary The HIT Is A Cinematic Brilliance.

Thrill kills, but to satisfy the innate human nature’s craving for adventure and to experience an adrenaline rush, sports and other activities with imminent danger are carried out under strict checks and high security. Still, when an incident occurs, the likelihood of it being fatal is almost absolute. The hit case of NASCAR legend Tony Stewart is, to this date, one of the most heartbreaking sports tragedies of all time.

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Director Michael Djaba Brings His Hit Docu-Reality Series
‘Making Of Mogul’To The USA.

Streaming now on Amazon Prime, 'Making of Mogul USA’ has been praised by the audience for narrating successful stories of entrepreneurs who started from scratch, inheriting no generational wealth. Beginning from the hard work, dedication, and determination which they all held onto through the rigorous process to maintaining the prestige they have created is an effort required every day without fail are all aspects the documentary unfolds; the man behind the docu-reality series is Michael Djaba, an entrepreneur and a renowned name in the entertainment industry.

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Rafiq Jordan Nabali Flies In The Face Of The American Entertainment Industry With His New Film.

Is the Black Church Dead? It became the new popular question among Americans as 'Let The Church Say' was released on February 17, 2023, to mark International Black History Month. The director and writer of the film, an Adventist, Rafiq Jordan Nabali, has been praised for his unapologetic approach to challenge the long-withstanding liberal paradigm of the entertainment industry. With an aim to resurrect the religious allegiance of the media and to narrate the untold successful history of the Black Church as a force against social evils, Nabali's film is deemed revolutionary by critics.

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John Paul Kakos Shines As of Jordan Lacey in the Award Winning
Drama Film ‘Neon Bleed’

An overworked rockstar finds escape in his own staged kidnapping, finding solace away from the fast-paced life of an artist; the other aspect of the flamboyant-looking, glitzy and glamorous celebrity, John Paul Kakos in the character of Jordan Lacey makes the audience engaged in a love-hate relationship.

Bullet-Proof Reveals Unpleasant Details About Sophia Dias’ Past: The Audience Applauds The Singer’s Bravery

Brutal, heart-wrenching, and not for the faint of heart, the latest album by Sophia Dias stunned the audience who hadn't read her autobiography, released in the first half of 2022. The seven-track project by Sophia Dias, launched under the same title as her biography on December 9, 2022, told the story of her time spent in an abusive household, during which she turned to songwriting as a means of relieving the trauma and nightmares she endured as a result of the violence.

The Death of Us Movie Review

In the new wave of pandemic films, The Death of Us brings to the screen a future we all feared. Director/Writer, Yonash Breneman, and writer, Anthony Theodorakos capture one of the most important
moments in history throughout this gripping tale.

"The Hand that Feeds" Star Chris Mulkey Unravels his Candid Side on "Movie Making with Ranelle Golden Podcast."

The guest on the May 26, 2023 podcast was the sensational seasoned star, Chris Mulkey, recently seen in The Hands that Feeds, which has been making the news for some time.

Writer-Director, Pann MuruJaiyan’s Latest Horror Film ‘The Keys’ is a Tribute to Filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock.

Set in a black and white landscape, an ideal atmosphere for an eerie, scary trip to the 1949s, the 2022 hit horror film drama The Keys tells a compelling story of confronting the demons within.

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