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Director Michael Djaba Brings His Hit Docu-Reality Series
‘Making Of Mogul’ To The USA.

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Written by ~ Juanisha Reece

Streaming now on Amazon Prime, 'Making of Mogul USA’ has been praised by the audience for narrating successful stories of entrepreneurs who started from scratch, inheriting no generational wealth. Beginning from the hard work, dedication, and determination which they all held onto through the rigorous process to maintaining the prestige they have created is an effort required every day without fail are all aspects the documentary unfolds; the man behind the docu-reality series is Michael Djaba, an entrepreneur and a renowned name in the entertainment industry.

Distributed by Porter + Craig Film and Media Distribution, the show is hosted by Tanya Sam. It is a follow-up edition to the original 2012 Making of Mogul Africa, a huge success with over a hundred episodes recorded; a female edition of which was introduced in 2019, highlighting the unsung and often underrepresented highly talented African women entrepreneurs. The show underscored the economic potential of the African continent, which has one of the youngest populations with an extensive workforce; the region has the potential to become the largest growing economy in the world.

Born in London to Ghanaian parents, Michale entered the entertainment industry by establishing his production label, IFactory Live. He has co-produced the Hollywood indie movie, ''And Then There Was You'' starring the Jamie Foxx Show sitcom fame Garcelle Beauvais and the American actor Brian J. White. He has also been part of the production of the award-winning Nigerian film, 'Northern Affair,' starring the Ghanaian actor John Dumelo. However, the successful run of Making of Mogul has been a career-defining moment in the director's life, who is already vowing the American audience with his impressive selection of guests on the show. 'Integrity of the entrepreneur is a prerequisite to qualify to feature inthe show, while scale and scope of business matters, it is the working morale and principle that distinguishes one from another in a pool of many millionaires, expressed Michael in an interview with local media.

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The Harvard business graduate is a pioneer of producing docu-reality shows in Africa, which primarily focused on the lifestyle, journey, and management of millionaires across the continent, the first of its kind; he quickly became a household name in the region and saw no stopping. With Djaba productions having a massive following in forty-six African countries and approximately ten million viewers from Europe, Making of Mogul Africa became an internationally acclaimed show. Michael's idea of creating something like a story of Mogul drew from the need to share success stories with the masses who felt it was only possible for a few.

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Making of Mogul 'has broken certain tacit assumptions that success is only for the rich and happy, everyone has a battle of their own, let me quote you the example of Pinky in the USA season whose father was jailed the day she was born. Life is never picture perfect until you decide to make one yourself, the real joy of life is in transforming the most challenging time of your life into strength,' Michael added when asked about why Making of Mogul continues to reign over the audiences. Sharing success stories of people from within, the show has helped millions achieve their dreams of becoming what they thought was impossible.

'Any action has to be evaluated on the basis of its effectiveness, and I apply the same rule in line with my work; Making of Mogul has been one of the most fulfilling projects I made; it never gets old because it is my passion,'' shared the director when asked about what keeps him dedicated to bringing out new stories. The director envisions positively impacting the youth when the world is at the tip of a global recession and rising inflation. He has carefully  selected stories from all  across the state for the latest  edition  to bring viewers  more relatable, raw, and uncut stories.

To read Michale Djaba's complete interview, please head over to Encouraging A Making Of A Mogul Mindset - Kontrol Magazine.

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