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The Death of Us Movie Review


Written By Melissa Salinas

The In the new wave of pandemic films, The Death of Us brings to the screen a future we all feared. Director/Writer, Yonash Breneman, and writer, Anthony Theodorakos capture one of the most important moments in history throughout this gripping tale. This is all driven by two stellar actors, Dana Schick and Ahku, who bare their souls in this claustrophobic psychological thriller.

From the jump, this thrill ride does not stop! The film focuses on two best friends living through a global pandemic. Our leads, Katie and Morgan, are forced to stay in their home through a government ordered, martial law, while Devon (Katie's boyfriend) leaves Los Angeles to assist the failing hospital system in New York City. These characters have you hooked immediately in their journey while a bone chilling death clock counts the days away. The chemistry between the two best friends feels real and pure from beginning to end.

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Most of the movie, we are trapped in a home but suspense is around every corner. The thrilling tone grows exponentially, while the incredible sound design drives chills down your spin. Film composer, David Gonzalez, wrote a perfect film score that will both warm your heart and raise the hairs on the back of your neck. With the film being a tight hour and twenty minutes, you are left breathless. I for one, will never look at a drone the same way. Most films with this tone tend to lean "left" or "right". It was refreshing to see a story with no sides or hidden agendas, just facts that are true to their story. I have to give props to the writers as this film was written prior to the vaccine mandates, the surveillance drones in Shanghai, and quarantine camps in Australia. This futuristic prediction of the year 2020 may not have come to fruition worldwide, but this film gives a glimpse into what could have been..

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This time capsule piece of a movie is a must see! Even through all the darkness, there is love and joy that drives this movie with themes and tones we can all relate to. The core of the film is based on fear. The fear of if everything was taken away from you today, do you believe you lived your best life? We tend to get lost in our everyday lives but this film will remind you to stop...



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