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"The Hand that Feeds" Star Chris Mulkey Unravels his Candid Side on "Movie Making with Ranelle Golden Podcast."

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Written by ~ Melissa Salinas

Podcasts have conveniently replaced traditional media sources; previously, what was accessible through television or radio at a particular time slot is now available to download, listen to, or watch whenever convenient. It has also promoted a non-traditional, unfiltered approach, allowing guests and hosts to indulge in much more casual conversation as opposed to previously formal, pre-structured interviews. The entertainment industry has been the one making the most of the new age of communication, and to keep up with the pace of media, Ranelle Golden has taken the initiative to thrive in the digital age as she proudly announced the launch of a brand new podcast. The guest on the May 26, 2023 podcast was the sensational seasoned star, Chris Mulkey, recently seen in "The Hands that Feeds", which has been making the news for some time.

The podcast, Movie Making with Ranelle Golden has partnered with Samera Entertainment for a Chris Mulkey episode. Samera Entertainment has long been committed to promoting independent cinema, representing emerging artists, musicians, and producers. It is available to listen to on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, Anchor FM and Apple. The Chris Mulkey episode  takes listeners on  a  thirty-minute ride about

his life. From his humble beginnings in the industry to his rise to fame, he shared his journey with listeners.

In the episode, Chris revealed that he has been working on a few songs that will soon be released for the public to enjoy. The talented musician, actor, director, and producer shared his excitement about the upcoming release, hinting at the possibility of some great new music on the horizon. When jokingly asked if there is anything he hasn't done yet, 'puppet shows, haha, I would do that for my grandkids,' he responded light-heartedly. The accomplished American artist reminisced about his time at the University of Minnesota. He shared that during his college days, his dream was to become a wrestler. However, fate had other plans for him. He stumbled upon an acting class that he needed to complete as part of his academic requirements, and that was the beginning of his journey into the world of acting. His talent and dedication eventually led him to become an award-winning artist. 

The individual embarked on a magnificent journey fueled by a burning passion for exploring the captivating world of cinema. Through his dedication and willingness to explore new artistic mediums, he has unlocked a world of endless possibilities and enriched his life with invaluable experiences. The episode also disclosed his exceptional approach to choosing his projects. He believes that the storyline and the opportunities that a project presents are the key factors in making a decision. The Hand that Feeds is a truly unique take on a story that the filmmaker found inspiring. He is currently in the casting phase of his new Last Dollar, a film directed by the talented William Shockley. 

The episode also touched upon his life beyond his work; Chris finally shared a glimpse into his personal life by opening up about his family. With a heart full of pride, the father of two daughters spoke about his girl Amelia, who is following in his footsteps in acting. He spoke with great admiration about his beloved partner, Dana Sparks, with whom he has formed a deep emotional bond following the tragic loss of his wife.

The episode ended on an enticing note as Chris revealed one of the things he's driven to accomplish on his must-do bucket list in the near future. He shared his passion for riding motorcycles and expressed his desire to take on a thrilling cross-country trip on a motorcycle.


To listen to the complete podcast, visit 17: Chris Mulkey and his award-winning career and music adventure, and share your thoughts in the comment section. Listeners can send questions and requests for their favorite guest to be featured on the podcast.


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