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Derrick Hammond: A Creative Film Director

Written by Melissa Salinas ~Cinema Trends
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Derrick Hammond is a director, producer, and cinematographer known for Men in Black 3 (2012), Chase Street (2017), and 1864 (2014). He believes that directing a film is very challenging because all eyes are on the director, from the crew to the actors, looking for your direction to make the production succeed. The director must always be on their toes and stay ahead of the curve during the production of a movie since anything could change at any time. But his passion for cinema, its beauty, and freedom to create something magical keep him motivated.

Derrick Hammond's Latest Movie: Caroltyn


His latest horror movie, CAROLTYN, is based on an original story by a writer, Jerrica Carr, which he directed himself. It was important to give this story a visual element because you don't come across a black demonic entity very often, let alone a black female lead playing one, he emphasized. In addition, the crew, as magical individuals, bring a different perspective to the characters.

In Caroltyn, a seemingly unknown sickness is spreading rapidly, making children of the town the first victims of this terrifying, atmospheric thrill ride with "Exorcist" undertones. During the outbreak of a mysterious illness in Caroltyn, young single mom Kofi is forced to confront her family's severe traumas from the past.


Her daughter, Laila, becomes the next victim, and she discovers that the increasing sickness isn't medical but demonic! Despite her crazed explanation, Kofi's past as a person with a mental health condition is dismissed as irrelevant. Kofi must also battle her inner demons and strengthen her faith to defeat the demonic entity.

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The Vision Behind Derrick Hammond's Filmmaking

Derrick Hammond believes that communication is the most important quality of a film director. Communicating your vision effectively to the crew and the talent is crucial to the success of the story being told and interpreted by the actors.


Being a filmmaker takes a lot of expertise and patience because one has to deal with everything all around, so his team keeps him motivated. It was a team effort throughout the filmmaking process. Each team member holds each others accountable and moves as one unit. The team strictly adheres to the director's motto, "One Crew, One Take."

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The hardest artistic choice Derrick Hammond made in the making of this film was to place a female lead in a story that revolved around a male protagonist. He was all in favor of the new wave of black female leads in movies.


The director held a casting call to select the film's cast and had an idea of who we wanted to play certain roles. In the end, they have Danny Trejo, Eric Roberts, Bill Cobbs, Duane Finley, Kadianne White, Sarah Vaughan Perry, and Bill Oberst Jr.


He encourages his actors to reach deep within themselves to bring the character to life. He emphasizes his talent to take their selves out of character and become the character instead. 


A few of his upcoming projects include "Get Close," "Royal Bloodline," and "Lil Robinhood." Derrick wants to make Bloodhound Manor his written project if he can allocate an unlimited budget. 

Caroltyn Distributed by Porter Craig Film and Media Distribution can be streamed on BET Plus.

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