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The Blacklight - The Movie That Keeps You On Your Toes

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Written by Melissa Salinas ~Cinema Trends

An experienced thief joins forces with two disillusioned millennials in order to pull off a heist that will alter their lives in indelible ways. The journey that they took is the subject of an exciting film called "The Blacklight." In spite of the fact that they were successful in stealing an ancient artifact, it becomes apparent quite quickly that the artifact possesses peculiar abilities that could lead to its own destruction. This information has surfaced in spite of the fact that they were successful in their attempt to steal the artifact.


Porter + Craig Film & Media Distribution was launched by Jeff Porter and Keith L. Craig in conjunction with the release of THE BLACKLIGHT. The company specializes in the distribution of films and other forms of media. This film had its debut on March 24, and audiences in the states of Oregon, Illinois, and Washington had the opportunity to watch it last March of 2022.

The supporting cast of THE BLACKLIGHT includes Roberto Serrini, Brad Stuart, Corey Scott Rutledge, Grant Lancaster, Victor Verhaeghe, Bristol Pomeroy, Brooks Russell, and Richard Templeton, among others. In addition, Richard Templeton, Samantha Aneson, and Brooks Russell are also featured in the cast. Nick Snow is directing his first feature-length film for the first time, and the screenplay for it was written in collaboration with Brooks Russell.

Rockford, Illinois served as the location for THE BLACKLIGHT's world premiere one year after the movie was shown at a number of prestigious international film festivals and received positive reviews there. Don Hatton, a native of Rockford who is currently employed in the film industry, has expressed his contentment with the three-year process that resulted in the production of THE BLACKLIGHT. Nick Snow, a director who lives and works in New York, was ecstatic when he found out he would be given the opportunity to adapt the script into a film using his keen sense of filmmaking and an impressive cast.

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The key players, throughout the entirety of the process, displayed an unwavering dedication to the cause that they were working to advance. Despite the fact that the story and the primary cast of characters were still in the process of being developed, almost all of the major roles had already been cast. It is abundantly clear that the actors invested a great deal of time and energy into the creation of their characters as well as the plot.

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If you want to get the most out of THE BLACKLIGHT and fully appreciate all of the work that went into making it, you should watch it on Amazon Prime today.

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