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Bullet-Proof Reveals Unpleasant Details About Sophia Dias’ Past: The
Audience Applauds The Singer’s Bravery

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Written by ~ Juanisha Reece

Brutal, heart-wrenching, and not for the faint of heart, the latest album by Sophia Dias stunned the audience who hadn't read her autobiography, released in the first half of 2022. The seven-track project by Sophia Dias, launched under the same title as her biography on December 9, 2022, told the story of her time spent in an abusive household, during which she turned to songwriting as a means of relieving the trauma and nightmares she endured as a result of the violence.

Available on Vevo and YouTube, the album has become extremely popular among women who want a voice to rebel against all the violence they face regularly. The singer has been very open about her journey since the publication of her book, which was met with widespread acclaim that she planned to produce an album. To reach the maximum audience, "I mean I know people have a preference to read or listen though I tell you, the book has its exclusivity and the music brings another angle over the same journey, it is more about my time there when alone, the lyrics are specific to what I felt in the very moment," expressed Sophia about why she chose to also bring an album about her past.

She was born in the Indian tourist hotspot of Goa in India, she grew up in different parts of the world, that very rightly reflected in her choice of music. She is a fan of reggae music, a Jamaican genre that she has also taken inspiration from for her top track of the album, 'Ghetto Arms.' Other songs of the album are a mix of jazz, Afro-fusion, Avant Garde and world music. Shortly after the release it quickly rose to the top trending in parts of Japan, India, Jamaica, and North America, becoming the very albums to the top in more than one continent. The album has been released in more than 22 countries and will soon be available across the world. "I mean, it does feel surreal to have fans in every corner of the world but to be honest, I see myself as a global citizen; every country has some part of me with it; that is what extensive traveling does to you,'" shared Sophia about her attachment to more than one country. She now resides in Chicago, Illinois, with two cats and a dog.

Sophia began her career as a fashion designer and later branched out into other creative fields, such as writing and music. Always in pursuit of soaring to new heights of success, she is motivated to stay connected with her fans in whichever way possible. Though she has no plans of stepping into acting, she has kept the room of possibility open, "I welcome anything that helps me get a compelling message across; I personally am not a fan of commercial art as I do content driven work, but nobody knows, I take every day as it comes, I don't know what next I will be doing, but I know for sure it will be interesting,'"added Sophia when asked about her plans on becoming an actor.


In addition to her busy schedule, Sophia is active in charitable endeavors; she has participated in a variety of programmers and is affiliated with organizations that advocate for the rights of women and animals. She is an animal lover who is a mother to two cats and a dog. She loves traveling in her free time to explore different cultures, foods, and languages. Download her album Bullet-Proof at Bullet-Proof By Sophia Dias-All Songs. For more details about her book, please head over to Blindée Préuve: Sophia Dias. Connect with her over Instagram for a candid interaction.

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