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Party Bus: A Film By Carlos Berber

Written by Melissa Salinas ~Cinema Trends
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Party Bus, the upcoming thriller horror film directed by Carlos Berber, revolves around selfishness and accountability. It tells the story of a bachelor party hijacked by the protagonist's estranged brother. To make the Bachelor party memorable, friends went above and beyond. Friends board the PARTY BUS without realizing that AUSTIN (The Bachelor) is riding with his ex-girlfriend and some shady people from his past.

Shooting Events of Party Bus


While explaining the experience of shooting Party Bus, the director Carlos Berber said the entire movie was shot on a bus. It was challenging to shoot Party Bus since the set was too shaky and unstable. They must follow a rigid nightly schedule from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.

There were times when the bus owner had scheduling problems. In addition to shooting on a bus, the film team had other logistical issues. It was hard to move cameras around a small room with massive camera setups, so cinematographers had to get creative with angles and shoot methods. Even the lighting was tough, but they made it work, and everyone did a great job. The director hopes the audience will enjoy viewing such an individualistic film and relate to a surface-level understanding of several complex events of the film.

Despite production problems, Berber thought the entire group provided excellent talent and a positive attitude. Their assistance made the process easier and more enjoyable. By day three of shooting, Covid-19 was onboard, which left the director, his wife Jasmine Berber, and sound man Ignacio Fimbres to handle the entire 21-day shoot.

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As a filmmaker, Carlos Berber enjoyed shooting horror films. His giggling usually occurs when he directs a terrifying, scary, or unpleasant scene. However, he knows that performing at the moment might be difficult for performers. The experience of making a horror film is unique. Having a clear understanding of how things work removes the fear. Nevertheless, you believe it will be frightening to the audience. Whether or not it's frightening depends on your sense of taste or sensibility.

However, he believed the most challenging aspect of making a good film was determining the right combination. The method or formula for determining this is not foolproof, and there will always be some risk involved. If these aspects are combined correctly, movies will become intriguing, making people flock to see them regularly. Be a detective and an analyst when watching a movie. It takes a lot of work, and you can see if it's in the right order if it's combined properly.

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Party Bus, Executive Produced by Cassidy Torrey and Darrin Ramage, Produced by Jasmine Berber, and Rubin Nino under Berber Productions and Visually Inhale Productions, is a breath of fresh air in the entertainment industry ravaged by Covid-19. The film has four main actors: Elley Ringo, LC Holt, Jasmine Berber, and David Samson; the supporting cast includes Chelsea Claire, Angel Ruiz, Nicole Camacho, Ashli Phoenix, and Michael Jovon Bennett. The film is distributed by Midnight Releasing/Brain Damage films ans is all set to release on 3rd December 2022, and the director is very optimistic about its success.

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